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All CMM members are also members of UK Music

MMF, FAC and MU are also members of LIVE

Ivors Academy, MMF and FAC MU are also members of the Creators Rights Alliance

Ivors Academy and MU are also members of the British Copyright Alliance



The Council Of Music Makers has been very involved in the UK government-led Economics Of Music Streaming projects that were initiated by an inquiry led by the Digital, Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee in the UK Parliament (now the Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee).

Those projects have been led by the Department For Culture, Media & Sport and the Intellectual Property Office, with the Competition & Markets Authority also undertaking a market study. Below are links to some key outputs and reports.

Economics Of Music Streaming page on the DCMS committee website

Economics Of Music Streaming page on the UK government website

The DCMS committee’s main report (Jul 2021)

The IPO’s report on music creator earnings (Sep 2021)

Kevin Brennan’s private members bill (Nov 2021)

The CMA’s market study report (Nov 2022)

The DCMS committee’s follow up report (Jan 2023)

The IPO’s report on rights reversion and contract adjustment (Feb 2023)

The DMCS report on the impact of streaming algorithms (Feb 2023)

UK industry agreement on music streaming metadata (May 2023)

UK voluntary code of good practice on transparency (Jan 2024)

The IPO’s report on equitable remuneration (Feb 2024)

The CMS committee’s report on creator remuneration (Apr 2024)