CMM Privacy & Data Policy

This website is managed by the Council Of Music Makers.

CMM brings together the Featured Artists Coalition, Ivors Academy, Musicians’ Union, Music Managers Forum and Music Producers Guild.

This Privacy & Data Policy provides information about how we collect, use and safeguard any personal information you provide to us when interacting with this website. Whenever you provide us with personal information, we will handle it in accordance with this policy. Our policies comply with relevant UK and EU laws and also aim to employ industry best practice.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or the data we collect about you contact Chris Cooke at

We collect information about our users in two main ways:
1. When you book a place at an event.
2. When you browse the website.


Here are more details about what we are doing with that information…

When you book at place at one of our events you will provide a name and email address. We use Typeform to collect this information. This data will only be used to facilitate the production of the event. For that purpose, it will be accessible to personnel at each of the CMM organisations involved in managing the event.

Our website is built on WordPress and utilises cookies, server logs and other WordPress tools to collect information about how the site is used. None of this data is associated with you as an individual and is simply used to assess how people interact with our websites in general.

For more information about cookies and how you can control them through your browser check out the information on cookies below.


Here is some other important information…

The website includes links to third-party websites. If you click on these links, that may allow those third parties to collect or share data about you. We do not control these third parties and are not responsible for their privacy policies.

Although most of the information we directly store and process will stay within the UK, some information may be transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area, mainly where one of our providers has servers located in a country outside the EU. Where this happens we will take steps ensure your privacy continues to be protected in line with this policy.

Neither CMM nor any of the CMM organisations will sell or release your personal data to any third party organisations, except where legal requirements obligate us to do so.

You have the right to request a copy of the personal information the Council Of Music Makers holds about you and to have that information amended or removed. Requests for this data should be sent to Chris Cooke at



SUMMARY: This website uses ‘cookies’, small data files that are transferred to a user’s computer or other net-connected device (eg tablet or smartphone) and stored on the user’s hard drive. Cookies help make a website work better for a user.

MORE INFORMATION: Some cookies come directly from our website (which is built on the WordPress platform), while third party cookies may also be sent from service providers we use such as Typeform. Some of these cookies will be deleted when you next close your browser, others may be stored for a set period of time, others permanently.

CONTROLLING COOKIES: Web browsers allow users to manage the transfer of cookies from websites – you can set it so they are always allowed, so that they are never allowed, or so that an alert is given before any cookie is transferred. You can also see what cookies have previously been transferred, and delete individual or all cookies.

For details on how to change settings and review/delete cookies consult the Help files of your chosen browser or check this useful website which has advice on controlling and deleting cookies. Please be aware that if you block all cookies, some functions on the Council Of Music Makers website may not work as effectively.