The UK Council of Music Makers (CMM) welcomes the European Parliament vote to approve the Copyright Directive. This is a historic turning point in the evolution of the digital era as outdated laws are modernised to balance the value gap between tech platforms that host creative works, whilst adequately remunerating and protecting the rights of those who create those works, as well as fans who wish to share the joy that such creative works bring.

Music makers are significant contributors to culture, as well as providing considerable growth in the economy. The full package of the Copyright Directive enables positive progress towards a digital future that is up to date with consumers and supportive of our creative community. Modernising the industry, it encourages a healthier market with real fairness and transparency. It promotes a sustainable, innovative, balanced music business with music makers at its heart.

The CMM has supported the positive campaigning of our UK and European counterparts to ensure that our message has been heard. We send special thanks to MEPs Axel Voss, Helga Truepel and Sajjad Karim for their support and work on this.

The CMM is looking forward to working with the industry on early and effective implementation of these new developments, to further support a flourishing future for the music business.

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