CMM statement on the IPO report on ER and streaming


The UK Intellectual Property Office has published its report on the potential economic impact of equitable remuneration being applied to streaming revenue. The CMM has issued the following initial response…

This report was commissioned by the IPO in 2021 with the intention to facilitate the modelling of various different approaches to ER, and to lay the foundation for future research and discussion.

It reaches no conclusions, and no decisions should be made on the basis of its ambiguous findings.

We now look forward to digesting the report’s contents, and incorporating them into a wider discussion around the ongoing issues regarding music-maker remuneration and the various solutions that have been proposed, which – as well as the various levels of ER – also include reversion rights, contract adjustment, minimum digital royalty rates and royalties for session musicians.

The government has convened a working group for this purpose and the CMM will fully engage with that process.